The Veterinarian Team

  • Dr. Laurence Reed- Dr. Reed grew up on the south side of Chicago as a young child.  He enjoyed many outdoor activities and never missed an opportunity for adventure.  His love of animals and academics landed him at Knox College in Galesburg, IL.  He then moved to the University of Illinois in Champagne, IL where he graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1969.  He interned briefly for Dr. Lawrence in Homewood, IL before purchasing his own practice in 1974 in Porter, IN from Dr. Quick.  Dr. Reed not only brought his zeal for helping dogs and cats, but also the exotics and wildlife.  Today Dr. Reed is one of the most high energy veterinarians in Northwest Indiana.  He enjoys helping all pets and making sure even the tiniest of pets are living healthy happy lives.  In his very limited spare time, Dr. Reed enjoys gardening, fishing, and of course traveling.  He has visited 6 of the 7 continents and seeing as his most memorable trip was the safari in Africa he doesn't have much desire to travel to the Antarctic.  He along with his wife, Gloria, also travel twice a year to volunteer at the TCSPCA in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  While there they usually work on native pets but somehow often bring back a very unique breed of dog, the Potcake.  To learn more about the breed and the rescue stories please visit  Dr. Reed's love for animals doesn't go out just to those with warm beds to sleep in and full tummies.  He has rescued, cared for and released thousands of injured or orphaned wildlife.  His most memorable rescues were a bald eagle, "Babes" the deer, and "Blu" the Great Horned Owl and "Gates" an adult Caymen Alligator.  He also gives back to the animal community and works with so many Non for Profit Organizations offering services and surgeries at a great reduced price to help those animals who just need a second chance.  Although Dr. Reed is a seasoned veterinarian he still enjoys all the daily aspects of running Westchester Animal Clinic and fortunately for the staff, clients, and pets, he has no desire to head for the sunny beaches of retirement just yet.  

  • Dr. Tracy Hubbard  Dr. Hubbard comes to our clinic from a background full of small animal care.  She enjoys working with cats and dogs and feels preventative care is the best way to keep our pets healthy for years to come.  Dr. Tracy started her career here at Westchester Animal Clinic and continued her education at Ross University.  She has worked with many clients all around the NorthWest Indiana region.  She is ready to care for your pets today!


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  • "A great place that focuses on the care of an animal. I switched from another place that charges $50.00 for a yearly checkup. Vaccines are paid for and visit is free here. That bring more people in and it serves the community as a whole. Thanks, Westchester Animal Clinic."
    Tara D. - Porter, IN